How Can My Business Make Use of a Melaphone?

You may have heard the term “melaphone” being tossed around in specialist business circles, and the speaker probably wasn’t talking about the instrument – what they were talking about was the reliable, non-electronic intercom device that is revolutionising private and hygienic communications across a huge range of sectors.

Suitable for use in a wide range of business applications and established sectors, including corporate, financial, retail, scientific and secure industries. This is thanks to the product’s ability to interface directly with a barrier or secure window, like those found in clean rooms, banks and kiosks, preventing the transfer of contaminants and creating a barrier to physical interference on the other side of the barrier. This makes them ideal for quite different applications – when used in cleanrooms and laboratories, they are needed for their ability to stop microbial and chemical contamination across the barrier, while in finance and banking, they allow communication with potentially dangerous members of the public, greatly reducing the risk to staff and business assets if a criminal act were to be attempted. It’s clear why you’d want to use them – but who can make use of melaphones, and how?

Business Make Use of a Melaphone

How Can My Business Benefit from Using a Melaphone?

Melaphones can be used by a wide variety of businesses – any industry or sector which needs a way to securely communicate across a barrier will find a use for these remarkable devices. Installed through a window or transparent barrier, a melaphone provides an ability which other intercom systems cannot – the ability to speak naturally without microphones or speakers, and to communicate using body language alongside your spoken conversation. The use of body language and facial expressions on either side of the glass, completely in sync with the conversation, means that misunderstandings are cut down and natural communication can occur, boosting efficiency and improving the efficacy of your workers.

If you are running facilities which depend on discrete areas and do not permit contamination – for example, a clean room or pharmaceutical processing laboratory – then a melaphone can benefit you by providing the ability to carry out natural conversations on either side of the clean room glass, without risking any sort of contamination. A melaphone allows sound to transfer across the barrier, but does not permit the transfer of any molecules, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your communication system causing a breach in your seals. This is a worry even with conventional intercoms, as their wires must penetrate the glass, creating a weak point which may eventually develop into a breach. With a melaphone, no wires are needed, so you can rest assured that contamination won’t occur.

What Businesses Can Use a Melaphone?

Businesses across a huge range of sectors can make use of a melaphone, from banks to laboratories. These facilities include: clean rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, clinics, banks, financiers, jewellers, rare metals shops, computer specialists, ticket kiosks, corporate reception, theme park information kiosks and other public-facing locations.

What is a Melaphone, Anyway?

A melaphone is a sort of non-electronic intercom which is used to directly speak to someone on the other side of a barrier (usually a window). It goes through the barrier, and includes a membrane which permits vibrations to travel through, but not molecules. This means that speech is transmitted perfectly normally through the membrane, but contamination by microbes or other contaminants is prevented. The membrane is protected by a sturdy plastic grille, which protects the melaphone from damage and also protects the user from harm in the event of a criminal action of the part of the person on the other side – which is one of the primary reasons for their popularity in banks, jewellers and other high-risk locations.

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