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Most Popular Chocolate Diamond® Shapes & How Diamond Shape Affects Price

The carat, clarity, color and cut quality (4Cs) are the factors that influence the buying price of every diamond. A faultless, seamlessly clear and well-proportioned Chocolate Diamond® always costs much than a diamond with poor clarity grade and faulty diamond of the same weight. There is nothing wrong to say that buying a perfect and genuine diamond ring or any other jewelry means knowing more than the 4Cs if you really don’t want to get ripped off by the counterfeit diamond sellers.

The shape of the diamond matters a lot when it comes to buying your favorite Chocolate Diamonds® on a budget. Each diamond shape is unique and can affect the price of the diamond you are about to buy. Some of the diamond shapes have more sparkle and others may look only larger but with less clarity and are less expensive also.

In this article, you can go through the most popular shapes of Chocolate Diamonds® and pros & cons of each shape along with their meanings and how they can affect the price.

Round Brilliant Cut:

It is the ever-prevalent diamond shape and has 58 facets. The round brilliant cut is classy, traditional and famous all around the globe for its brilliance and beauty. Chocolate Diamond(r)s with this shape are the most expensive diamonds. The reason behind the popularity and expensiveness of this shape is that a big part of the rough diamond is discarded in this cutting and polish process to make Chocolate Diamond® rings alluring and classy.

Princess Cut:

It is the 2nd most popular shape of the diamond and it comes with a square surface and looks like an overturned pyramid. Its brilliance is similar to round brilliant cut and can be purchased at a lower rate than a brilliant cut. This square prince cut is the perfect diamond for stylish girls. Prince cut Chocolate Diamonds® offer an intense sparkle and look awesome in every setting.

Cushion Cut:

It is also known as pillow cut and it features gently rounded corner cuts for an amazing romantic appearance. It is becoming more popular among Chocolate Diamond® lovers and glares in different settings including the engagement ring. It can cost you lower than the recently mentioned diamond shapes.

Oval Cut:

Oval cut is a modern, bold and slenderizing shape. Most of the people love to buy Chocolate Diamonds® in the oval cut as the diamonds appear larger in this shape than round cut and prince cut. These are becoming more popular among females who like to stand out as this diamond shape make fingers or a woman look longer and slim.

Emerald Cut:

This diamond shape is sophisticated and glamorous. The ultimate cuts of emerald shape offer a vintage look and are appreciated for their luster instead of brilliance and sparkles.

As the emerald cut has a large table, inclusions in the Chocolate Diamonds® can be seen easily. That’s why one should go with an emerald-cut shape with relatively high diamond clarity grade to look awesome.

As each shape is unique and can add to your budget differently, it is always vital to buy Chocolate Diamonds® with appropriate settings from a reputable vendor to make sure your money has been spent wisely.