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Pick A Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Playing A Halloween Prank

Even though the dinosaurs have been gone for 200 million years, everyone still get understandably horrified of the dinosaurs. There were omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores… So, what would you call people in realistic dinosaur costume that eat nothing but the candies?

Dino… is the New Trend!

No wonder dinosaurs have become the fascination to both children and adults everywhere. Nearly all the kids have gone through the ‘dinosaur phase.’ Have you ever thought what causes the global dinosaur obsession? The dinosaurs are scary, extinct, and big that means you cannot just run to the zoo and see them. And no one tells the T-rex what should be done.

Just like kids we adults also love to imagine the world where surprisingly the smallest T-rex would top a food chain. The dinosaurs have held their place in modern media, starting right from the books to a big screen. You can’t do anything but fall in love with these enormous beasts watching Land before time, The Dinosaur Train, or even Jurassic Park. And what time can be perfect other than the Halloween to show all your love to things primitive in a dinosaur Halloween costume?

There are manufacturers of dinosaur costume that provide you with the dragon costumes, baby dinosaur puppets and the realistic dinosaur costumes along with the movement and sound effect for parties, events, and parks. They provide the tailor-made solutions for each customer from texture and color of your skin to the frame structure of costume.

Halloween Prank

Do you know that there are even categories of dinosaur costumes? Well, here they are:

·         Tyrannosaurus

·         Spinosaurus

·         Triceratops

·         Velociraptor

Realistic Tyrannosaurus Costume

Are you ready to amaze your audience with an amazing animatronic Tyrannosaurus Costume? By wearing this amazing dinosaur T-rex costume, you’re free to shake “your” big head, blink “your” eyes, and wave “your” tail.

This animatronic dinosaur costume is fireproof. This costume is sun-proof and waterproof as well. It is adaptable to indoor parks and outdoor. Do you know you can even get the customized dinosaur costume? Yes, you can tell the manufactures the color, size, materials, species, movements and control mode as you want.

In case of extreme weather of countries, the high-density fireproof sponge is used to make the dinosaurs. The high-density fireproof sponge’s main feature is its black color, and it’s fireproof as the name suggest. It’s highly durable and easy to sculpt.

Specifications of T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

·         Type: Velociraptor and T-rex costumes are now hot-sales.

·         Materials used: Outside material is Rubber and Inside material’s Stainless Steel

·         Weight: Up to 22 KGs

·         Movements: Head right to left, walking, neck up & down, eyes blinking, tail right to left, making alive sounds and even running

·         Accessories: Charger, Skin repairing kit, Performer Pants, etc.

·         Air fan to cool the inside puppeteer

·         Large Capacity Battery

·         The SD card drives Loud speaker

Buy your dinosaur costume now and play a prank to scare your buddies. Do something new, different and entertaining this Halloween. Be a little Jurassic, but at the same time classic in your Realistic Dinosaur Costume!