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Top Five Hollywood Romances!

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nothing much to do. Any plans after lunch? No? Why not watch a movie? Say, a romantic movie. Let the time fly, while you stay charmed by the subtle innuendos of romance. The popular American Producer ( also producer of movies like The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy ) Robert Simonds during his interview at Variety.Com very vividly discussed the allure of cinematic romance that can nullify the boredom of a dull schedule. Hence, when in conflict of how to spend a gloomy day with a heavy weather that has rendered you lethargic, keep it simple. Grab your coffee cup and quiver inside a blanket. Put on the DVD and play it.

Typically, a romantic movie is a love story with visual effects broadcasted either in the theaters or television. These films are driven more by passion, emotion and affection. In the celluloid of romance movies, gallant and decent men meet the girl, both feel for each other, both start missing each other, and the plot goes on. Not all love stories are sweet. Many times love gets intervened by some villainy character. Again, it might happen that both the lovers lead to an argument and thereby end up the relationship. At the end of each film, do we understand that the lovers get temporarily separated only to get united again. Such is the strength of love!

With love bloom in the air and your heart yearning out to unite with your loved person, here are five Hollywood romances that will make you fall in love.

  1. Titanic

A celebrated American epic movie by James Cameron, Titanic is a fictionalized account of sinking down of the RMS Titanic. Casting Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose, the film covers the huge loss of human lives at a shipwreck under a calm soft love story. Although belonging to different social classes, Jack and Rose fall immensely in love for each other. Such a love story is sure to etch an impact deeply into your heart.

  1. The Notebook

Nick Cassavetes did a wonderful job in ‘The Notebook’. It is an adaption of Nicholas Sparks’ book of the same name. The film casts Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the protagonists. Noah and Allie fall in love in the 1940s. The whole story is noticed to be told an old nurse. By the end of the movie, we see that fate brings the young lovers close again.

  1. S. I Love You

By far one of the best films of 2007, P.S. I love you is a famous American drama directed by Richard LaGravenese. As the film begins, you’ll find Holly and Gerry as a happy married couple. Suddenly Gerry dies out of brain tumor. Sickened with grief, Holly secludes from the family until her family plans to surprise her on her 30th birthday. Being deeply in love with Holly, Gerry leaves behind letters for her. These letters are actually pushing Holly forward to get back to normal life.

  1. No Strings Attached

This film deals with a newly found theme what you may call ‘friends for benefits.’ Directed by Ivan Reitman, No Strings Attached deals with two friends who do not commit themselves wholly but only for casual sex. Things continue in a manner as has been promised by both friends. Gradually, one starts falling for the other and eventual result in a love affair.

  1. Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day deals with many characters and their turmoil in love. Although the film receives a huge number of criticisms, yet Garry Marshall does not bother to it because the film was a box office hit.