Top Tech Trends to Affect the Digital Marketing Scene in 2018 and 2019

Are you employing digital marketing strategies of today and those expected to thrust your business into a successful future in the digital world?

It’s important for you to stay on par with trends because your audience wants better and improved versions of products and services even if they already use them. So, while experts in the digital world join heads to come up with life-changing strategies, you need to walk beside them not just to appear savvy but to win the future tech-oriented markets.

While some of the technological trends covered in this article haven’t been implemented actively by all practitioners, you need to be aware of them, learn more about the trends and come up with strategies that will shape your future.

Proliferation of AI

A topic that was the center of several conversations in 2017, artificial intelligence appears to be gaining ground in 2018 with more companies employing different machine learning and AI technologies to improve productivity and to boost sales.

An example is the use of digital assistants in homes and businesses. These personal assistants work like the personal assistant you never had, and it could be what every busy personal injury lawyer needs.

The fast proliferation and integration of AI technological systems into business come about from the fact that the technologies can collect comprehensive data and from the data analysis, figure out the exact preferences of users, as well as their behavioral patterns. AI accounts for the increase in smart speakers which, according to predictions, will result in upwards of $3.8billion in revenue.

Integrating these technologies ensures that your sales increase. AI can facilitate putting human conversations into context thanks to natural language processing which mimics human communication. With such technologies, your customers will get exactly what they are looking for from live chats with bots rather than humans. AI also builds trust, and it reduces bias.

Digital Marketing

5G Internet Connectivity

5G wireless technology means that anything is possible under the sun. Can you imagine how fast it will be to connect to the internet? While most of us expected 5G technology’s accessibility after 2020, it appears that the technology is home earlier than anticipated. With Verizon’s selection of Samsung as its service provider for its commercial launch, it means that we can now look forward to low latency rates, lightning-fast internet speeds and reduction in delays from technical hitches. The high internet speeds provided through 5G connectivity is what you need to drive wireless VR systems and autonomous vehicles.

Why and how is this important for digital marketing? 5G internet connectivity will boost user experiences when interacting with AR and VR systems thanks to the provision of a high data rate.


It’s an important sales channel. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, we have Echo by Amazon and other voice recognition apps that boost shopping experiences. Since we can all agree that it’s easier to place an order by speaking to a digital assistant than typing, it’s clear that tech is making your life better by increasing sales.

At the same time, leading brands are using voice apps for customer service and to boost the brand’s identity online. To benefit from such technologies, you’ll have to identify ways of merging your brand with the voice assistants the create exclusive content for that marketing channel.


To enhance customer service delivery, chatbots have been on the rise. These chatbots reply to messages instantly to the basic and the repetitive questions. Facebook is one of the companies that’s implemented the use of chatbots though its Messenger App.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This is an indispensable tool for marketers thanks to its ability to create immersive user experiences. Virtual reality is effective in marketing as it helps in boosting sales by sharing a brand’s story. It enhances the shopping experience.

On the other hand, you have Augmented reality which is a futuristic and effective sales/ marketing tool.

Facial Recognition technologies on the go

This goes beyond the selfie-generation in that the applications using facial recognition technology aren’t just for fun but the tools used for security. These technological applications can recognize noses, eyes, and faces wherever you are.

Facial recognition has been shown to be effective in building trust. It also taps into the consumer’s need for convenience helping in unlocking cars, homes, and computers.

The other emerging technologies include the use of mobile payment and big data. Big data is invaluable in advertising or marketing to the right audience. As expansive as digital marketing is, and taking it account how it cuts across different elements, you should watch and integrate these trends in your future marketing strategies.