Why Do You Need A Federal Appellate Attorney For Making Your Appeal?

To be convicted of a federal offense at trial does not signify the end of the road for you. If there are grounds based on which you can make an appeal, you must to do so to enforce your rights. Now the question is, should you continue with your trial attorney or hire a federal appellate attorney for your appeal? Even if you have an excellent trial lawyer, it would be wise to hire a skilled federal appellate attorney. A seasoned appellate attorney can make all the difference in your case. Let’s take a look at why you need a federal appellate attorney for making your appeal.

You need an attorney with federal appellate experience

If you believe that a trial and an appeal are the same things, then be aware that they are not. In fact, there is nothing common between the two. Trial lawyers are adept at handling your trial. But appeals in a federal court require a very different set of skills. This is a specialized field for the federal appellate attorneys. They have the experience that can increase the chances of success for your appeal.

Federal Appellate Attorney

Your attorney must have full knowledge about the appeals procedure

Federal laws are complex in nature. There are certain procedures that must be followed diligently while making an appeal in a federal court. A trial attorney may not be aware of all the formalities. If your attorney misses even one small guideline, it can prove to be disastrous for your appeal. Under such circumstances, it is better not to take any chance. A federal appellate attorney who possesses extensive knowledge and experience of filing appeals will be the best choice for you.

Your attorney must be adept at persuasive writing and oral arguments

Briefs play a crucial role in an appeal. In many cases, the judges of a federal court depend on just the brief to declare a resolution. They do not even grant the request for oral arguments. Given the importance that briefs carry in an appeal, your attorney must have excellent skills for writing persuasive briefs. Also, if the request for verbal arguments is approved by the court, your attorney will need to argue with conviction. This means your appellate lawyer must be adept in oral arguments as well. These qualities are often missing in a trial attorney. But federal appellate law firms and attorneys specialize in these aspects.

Your attorney must give undivided attention to your appeal

Before filing an appeal in a federal court, an attorney has to do extensive research and find out the errors committed at trial. Based on these legal grounds, the attorney has to write the brief, file the appeal, and even argue the case. All these tasks need undivided attention. A trial lawyer may not be able to provide such attention to your case as he/she will have to handle the trial works as well. But an appellate attorney generally focuses exclusively on each appeal case handled by him/her. As such, your case will get the complete attention it deserves.